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Searching for a logo design Idea? Ever wondered from where do the graphic designers come up with such illuminating inspirations for logo design? Do they just pop out of nowhere or is there a process for inventing logo design ideas? The answer is quite intricate.
The conception of a logo starts with the idea to personify a company’s image using graphic design. There is literally no captivity of thoughts when it comes to designing a logo. So in a nut shell, an ideal logo is a lengthy process. But the question still remains unanswered..…how to get an inspiring idea for a logo design?
So, here are 8 simple but fruitful notions which if kept in mind, can give you bundles of successful logo design ideas. Many of you will claim to be well-informed about these concepts but trust me…following these simple points will introduce you to new world of logo design ideas.

1. Know your business:

The logo is used to exhibit the fundamental nature of your business. Best logo designs are those that reflect on what you do; what products and services you tend to offer. A general example would be a bank and a coffee shop. Both of them need a logo design but of completely different forms. It is imperative to comprehend each industry’s basic ‘theme.’

2. Target your audience:

It is vital to establish your target audience before developing a logo. What age bracket will you be targeting? What is the average income level? What’s their gender, their education level, their demographics, their likes and dislikes? Always develop you logo design to meet the criteria of you target audience. Bear in mind, if your logo doesn’t appeal to your intended audience, it’s totally ineffective.

3. Always brainstorm:

Next step in creating an effective logo design for your business is to brainstorm. Think of an image that you want your business to have with your clients. Are you serious or funny? Are you novel or conventional? What are you best at? Brainstorm without hurry and jot down all of the words and pictures that jump to mind when you describe your business.

4. Thinking an alluring tagline:

Taglines are phrases that describe your company, similar to your company motto. Typically the tagline is attributed at the foot of the logo but not as part of the logo. This creates a memorable jingle to be associated with your logo. Incorporating a tagline in your logo design helps the customers in quick brand recognition and recall.

5. Stand out among your competitors:

It is essential for you to have a distinctive logo, one that is unlike your competitors and easily recognizable. But bear in mind, it should follow the general theme of the industry you are in. Having a logo design similar to your competitors will not get you distinguishable from the rest of the pack. Hence it is a nice idea to stay a class apart from your rivals.

6. Appropriate metaphorical use:

It is a clever idea to actually incorporate a meaning in your logo design like, the color representing growth or dedication. But it is important to make sure that the logo doesn’t look inflated. This is how remarkable logos are created.

7. Play with fonts:

Another idea for a logo design is to play around with font type. Simply take the company or product name and give a different font type. This can help you see what kind of font will be suitable for the words or particular logo design. Also experiment with various font formats and colors, try to use closely related colors or a mixture of low contrast high contrast to avoid horrible tick tack style clashes.

8. A robust logo design:

The logo design has to be flexible so that it can be tailored according to all forms of business. It should be adaptable so that you can promote your products and services across cultures. Adopt an idea for a logo that is successful in the future. It should be robust and resilient. Even though it is impossible to predict the future, it can be of useful to keep in your mind where you picture your business in the coming years.
There is a tradition of altering an idea till it is right. As such, it’s precautionary to create a number of logos to test. Just because you like your new logo design, does not imply the target will too. After all it is their views that really matter. :)

Source: graphicdesignblog


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